Honda Unveils New ASIMO Robot

new honda asimo robot
Honda unveils new ASIMO robot based on their press release 8 November 2011. Having a further advance in autonomy, the all-new ASIMO can now continue moving without having getting controlled by an operator. Moreover, with considerably improved intelligence as well as the physical capability to adapt to the situations.

With Advancement of intelligence capability technology, ASIMO became capable of responding to the movement of people and also the surrounding situations. For example, ASIMO will stop its current action and change its behavior to accommodate the intention of the other party. Moreover, coordination between visual and auditory sensors grants ASIMO to simultaneously recognize a face and voice, making it possible for ASIMO to identify the voices of a number of people who are speaking simultaneously, that is hard even for a human being to accomplish.

The new ASIMO robot performs much better movement with advancement in physical capability. The mixture of strengthened legs, an expanded range of leg movement and a newly developed control technology that enables ASIMO to change landing positions in the middle of a motion has enabled ASIMO to walk, run, run backward, hop on one leg or on two legs continuously. Because of acquiring the capability to provide such agile motions, ASIMO has become capable of more flexibly adapting to changing external scenarios to that it could, for example, walk over an uneven surface while keeping a stable posture.

The ASIMO robot also has improvement in task-performing capability. Honda has developed a really functional compact multi-fingered hand, which has a tactile sensor as well as a force sensor imbedded on the palm and in each finger, respectively, and which acts to control each finger independently. Combined using the object recognition technology based on visual and tactile senses, this multi-fingered hand enables the all-new ASIMO to conduct tasks with dexterity, like picking up a glass bottle and twisting off the cap, or holding a soft paper cup to pour a liquid without having squishing it.

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Further description about what is new in this all-new Asimo robot, please read the Honda’s press release:
Press release: Honda Unveils New ASIMO Robot.

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  1. Impressive! I can’t wait to find out what the next version of Asimo will be able to do.

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