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Hexbug Spider – Legged Robot Toy

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Hexbug spider robot toy

Here the Hexbug spider robot toy produced by Innovation First Labs, Inc. The Hexbug spider is a remote controlled robot built on a radial body design. Rather than turning its whole body, it rotates its head and walks in the direction it is facing. A red marker on the front of the head shows which way it is facing, and lights up while it turns for better visibility.

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Skitterbot, the Fastest Small Legged Robot

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Skitterbot claimed as a small-legged robot which is the fastest and is available commercially. This robot is controlled and rechargeable via USB port. Well, if you want to play with him, for every 15 minutes usage, Skitterbot require battery recharging time for 30 minutes

Robots are available in three colors and transparent variants have different frequencies, so they can compete to run or fight. Unfortunately, this Skitterbot has no censorship and more preferably at the level of speed like a real cockroach.

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Vex Robotics Tutorial

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Vex Robotics Design System

Vex Robotics Design System is a robotic kit intended to introduce students as well as adults to the world of robotics. The Vex Robotics Design System is centered around the Vex Starter Kit (which retails for about USD $500). This kit comes with the Vex “brain” (a microcontroller), a hobby-grade remote control, various sensors (2 bumper sensor and 2 limiter switches), three electric motors and a servo, wheels (4 small, 2 medium all purpose, and 2 large high traction tires), gears, and structural parts. Additional sensors (ultrasonic, line tracking, optical shaft encoder, bumper switches, limit switches, and light sensors), wheels ( small and large omni-directional wheels, small, medium, and large regulars), tank treads, motors, servos, gears (regular and advanced), chain and sprocket sets, extra transmitter and receivers, programming kit (easy C) extra metal and rechargeable battery power packs,can all be purchased separately.

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Mio Pup Robot Toy

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Mio Pup

If Mio Pup is making eyes at you, it’s because that’s how he communicates. This robotic Rover can walk, talk, play music, and more. And he lets you know exactly what he wants with his more than 100 “eye-cons”–images that light up in his eyes to express moods like happiness, hunger, love, and surprise. Standing about 10 inches tall, the futuristic friend is an interactive companion that uses technology to let owners know how he’s feeling.

Four touch sensors let Mio Pup know when you are petting him (and, again, his eyes will tell you how much he likes it). Tickling him under his chin may cause him to strut, wag his tail, wiggle his ears, or even play music. When Mio Pup’s eyes tell you that he’s hungry, you can “feed” him the included magnetic bone until his eye-con lets you know he’s had his fill.

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